Designing a Content Matrix

When I began thinking about my design for my content matrix for EDM 510, I started by searching for examples. A lot of the information that I was gathering was related to business to business sales pitches. I ended up designing my own content matrix, and then did additional research. The research I found on one site in particular by Kevin Cain was useful and outlined an approach to designing a matrix, I’ll list the link at the bottom of the post. I used this site to design an approach and strategy for completing a new content matrix on different learning theory perspectives. I ended up making two different content matrices to see which I preferred. I decided to go with a content matrix with four boxes and a central idea in the center. Each box represents a different theory and gave an overview. I felt that the presentation of my content was too dense so I re-evaluated my approach and started over. My ultimate goal was to design a content matrix that made sense and facilitated the transfer of information clearly. I overhauled my original plan and kept key ideas in mind: audience, what am I trying to convey, why does it matter, and the overall usefulness of my matrix. My goal was to summarize the various theories, major influencers, and give examples of each theories applications in a classroom setting. The new matrix was broken down into levels and sub levels which enhanced the natural flow of the matrix in whole. I had issues with formatting and overall aesthetics of the second content matrix, so I went back to my first one and made some adjustments to improve the flow and presentation of information.  I learned a great deal from designing my own matrix and overcame challenges of determining the best presentation of the information.


3 thoughts on “Designing a Content Matrix

  1. Faun says:

    Jordyn, I had the same problem when designing my matrix. My information I had originally included was far to much information. It is important to remember your audience and eliminate unessential information. That way information is conveyed better and it is easier to understand.


    • jwilliams950 says:


      I was just so confused initially about what I was supposed to do. I wasn’t sure if the matrix had to be a specific format to be considered a matrix, or if it was more just a presentation of ideas. A lot of the research I did was related to business to business/ inventory matrices, as you can imagine that was quite confusing too. But Kevin Cain gave a very in depth explanation of designing the matrix and I was able to get a better idea of what I was supposed to do after reading his post.

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